Bobbie Gillespie unveils new band

Primal Scream fans do not panic! Primal Scream haven't split-up, well not yet. Their talismanic front man Bobbie Gillespie has simply put together a fun little covers band for a one-off gig, and no, it’s not a wedding.

Christened The Silver Machine (we’re thinking after Hawkwind’s classic) the band consists of Bobbie Gillespie on vocals, former Sex Pistol’s Glen Matlock on bass and former Oasis & The Who’s drummer Zak Starkey on sticks (he’s also Ringo Starr’s son). Primal Scream members Andrew Innes and Barrie Cadogan feature on guitar. They’re due to play The 1234 Festival in London’s hip and trendy Shoreditch on Saturday 24th July and are expected to play a string of covers from the likes of Creation, The Flamin’ Groovies, The Troggs and MC5.

Talking to NME.com about the venture the instigator himself Bobbie G said: ‘We're great and we can't wait.’ Wedding or not, it's gonna be one hell of a knees-up!

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