Bobby Brown angry at ex-wife Whitney's funeral

The stars turned out for Whitney Houston’s funeral in New Jersey. Singers Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick were among the performers singing or speaking during the ceremony at New Hope Baptist church in Newark. Houston’s godmother, Aretha Franklin, was too ill to attend the ceremony.

Other stars in attendance included Kevin Costner, Houston’s co-star in The Bodyguard, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé and Bill Cosby. The funeral was televised and shown live on the internet.

Costner spoke movingly about his friendship with his co-star. "We must dry our tears, suspend our sorrow, and perhaps our anger, just long enough to remember the sweet miracle of Whitney," he told the congregation.

Former husband Bobby Brown left the church before the funeral service. Houston’s family had agreed to invite Brown to the ceremony, despite the numerous stories of the abusive relationship between Brown and Houston. Brown was frustrated by the security operations at the ceremony and later issued a statement.

"I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move," it said. "In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. This was a day to honour Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how."

Security was very tight in and around the church. Police cordoned off the streets around the church, but thousands of fans came to see Houston’s golden hearse, and to pay tribute to the singer.

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