Bon Jovi attacks McCain and Palin

Things aren't going too well for John McCain and Sarah Palin at the moment: they're trailing Obama in the polls and losing the election debates and now they have to contend with the wrath of Jon Bon Jovi!

The shaggy haired 80s warbler and card carrying democrat has attacked the Republicans over unauthorised use of his song Who Says You Can't Go Home. "We were not asked," Bon Jovi said in a statement, "we do not approve of their [the Republican party] use of the song."

The news comes just a week after Dave Grohl complained about the use of the Foo Fighters music at a Republican event joining a long list of musicians, which includes Heart, Boston, Jackson Browne and John "Cougar" Mellencamp, who have distanced themselves from the use of their music to support McCain and Palin.

The reality, however, seems to be that it's all above board, as the Republicans pay royalties to the ASCAP agency which licenses the public performance of Bon Jovi's back catalogue.

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