Anyone going to an Amy Winehouse gig should know by now that the chances of you getting a decent showing out of her are 50/50. There are so many instances of her turning up to a show out of her skull on booze or smack (or both) that any punters should forfeit the right to a refund when they buy a ticket: you know what you’re letting yourselves in for.

So it should hardly be a surprise to hear that she was booed at her latest live appearance; the soul singer was playing at the Festival City Arena in Dubai as part of the Gulf Bike Week on Friday when she put in a typical bad performance, barely performing at all. According to one fan: ‘I feel like I'm watching someone having a meltdown. She's not singing, forgetting words and shaking like a leaf. It's very uncomfortable.’ Wino tried to placate the crowd by saying ‘don’t boo’, but to no avail. Her people tried to put the blame on technical issues.

‘She couldn't hear herself while singing,’ they said. ‘This lead to some songs being cut short, leaving the stage for a bit to see if they could be fixed and handing over to her backing singer Zalon to sing one more song than he usually would. The audience didn't know this, of course.’

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