Born This Way

Lady GaGa has always taken an admirable stance with her diehard fans, keeping lines of communication open at all times, strolling around the place in as normal a fashion as someone so famous can, and generally being as far away from a distant diva as is possible.

However, even for Gaga, playing new tracks from her upcoming album ‘Born This Way’ to a ‘superfan’ is a pretty cool thing to do. The lucky fanatic was one Ryan Johnson, who then predictably went on to gush about the tunes on GaGa’s official website. This is according to Digital Spy though, as we can't see anything of the sort on there.

‘No words can honestly do the material I heard justice,’ said Johnson. ‘Lady GaGa has well and truly topped herself with this record and I didn’t think that was possible.

‘The music is so fresh and so liberating and it’s almost like a new genre of music. The new music took me to places GaGa’s music has never took me to before - it’s really inspirational, empowering and liberating and it will set you free.

‘GaGa’s attitude, dedication and devotion to the new material was so apparent... I could tell how proud she is. She credits ‘Born This Way’ as her greatest work and it’s clear to see why. 2011 is going to be GaGa’s year.’

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