Born This Way banned in Lebanon

It's been something of a mixed weekend for Lady GaGa: on one hand she's topped the UK album charts for the second week running, is earning huge sums of money wherever she goes, and enjoys critical acclaim as well as rabid support from her fans. On the other hand the conservative religious folk who govern Lebanon have decided to ban her album 'Born This Way', saying that it was 'offensive to Christianity'.

The shipment of the record, which this week became the fasting selling album of 2011, was apprently impounded by the country's General Security department on the grounds of taste. This isn't the first time her music has caused a stink over there: her single 'Judas' was pulled by radio stations because of the video's use of religious figures. Meanwhile the single 'Born This Way' was censored in Malaysia because of its pro-gay message, which is apparently offensive. But watching the video below, we can't work out how anyone could infer there was a pro-gay message – can you?

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