Boyling hot

They say bursting boils just helps them spread further, and it seems that, love or despise her with a passion, there’s little stopping the Susan Boyle phenomenon, as she was named the UK’s highest-selling artist overseas for the second year running in 2010.

The star's second album The Gift sold 3.7 million copies outside of the UK, Music Week research reveals. Pretty depressing since about half of the songs on the album are Christmas carols.

Boyle's debut album I Dreamed A Dream attained the same accolade, shifting over six million copies in 2009.

Second in the list was Sade's Soldier Of Love, ahead of Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons. The top four albums all managed top three placings in the US charts at some point in the year.

Other favourites outside the UK were Muse's The Resistance which sold a million copies, while Phil Collins's Going Back, Gorillaz's Plastic Beach and James Blunt's Some Kind Of Trouble all sold 900,000 copies a piece in markets outside of the UK.

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