the boys to men cd rom collection

You can make a case that any artists greatest hits collection would be their greatest album, and Legacy boys to men cd rom is no different. The "Boyz" arent as popular as they were in the mid 1990's because they kept true to their work and didnt evolve with what music is popular today.

However, its great to sit back and listen to these songs to remember why Boyz II Men has some (including the biggest) hits of all time.

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

This is my all-time favorite Boyz II Men song, their recore company said an a capella song would never get radio play, but this song became their first smash hit.End Of The Road--This is the song that established Boyz II Men as one of the greatest artists of all time, it went to being the longest running song at #1 of all time, a total of 13 straight weeks, and while it no longer holds the top spot, it is definitely one of their best songs.In The Still Of The Night--The "Boyz" recorded this song for "The Jacksons, An American Dream" movie and proved that It's So Hard... was not a fluke, and that a capella songs could be real hits in the 1990's.

Hey Lover

Nate, Mike, Shawn Wan only sing backup and the chorus on this song with LL Cool J, but it did make them crossover favorites with rap fans.I'll Make Love To You--After Whitney Houstons "I Will ALways Love You" surpassed "End Of The Road" for the #1 song of all time, Boyz II Men took their spot at the top of the all time charts back with this summer of 1994 smash that sat at #1 for 15 straight weeks on Billboards charts.On Bended Knee--The follow up to "I'll Make LoVe To You" also went to # 1 on Billboards charts and enhanced the album "II" as Boyz II Mens biggest selling album.Water Runs Dry--The "Boyz" explored accoustic R&B on this hit which was the follow up to "On Bended Knee" off of the "II" album.

One Sweet Day

This song now holds the top spot all time on Billboards charts. Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey were undoubtebly the two biggest selling artists of the 1990's, and its only fitting that their one duet stayed at #1 for an amazing 17 straight weeks.Doin' Just Fine--I hate to say it but I have no idea why this song is even on a greatest hits CD, I think it would have been better replaced with "Thank You" or "I WIll Get There" or "Good Guy"

Song For Mama

This is one of Boyz Ii Mens most beautiful songs ever. From the opening piano sequence to their unmatched vocal harmony, this song is what true R&B is all about.

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