Boyzone get into a bar brawl

Irish sub-Take That popsters Boyzone have shown their tough side after getting involved in a bar brawl with members of R&B queen Rihanna's entourage.

The altercation took place in the beautifully named Downunder bar in Sydney, Australia. According to the Daily Mirror, Boyzone were on a six-hour bender before one of 'zone started chatting up the girlfriend of one of Rihanna's hangers-on.

A witness told reporters that: "The boys held their own despite being unsteady on their feet. Security came to break it up. They all got a stern talking to." Stephen Gately, the one who plays for the other team, admitted that Boyzone had been in a brawl: "Well, we did get into a fight – certainly more then a difference of opinion."

If you've forgotten what Boyzone were like, check out the video below; it'll make you wish that you were a member of Rihanna's entourage just to have got a few extra kicks in yourself.

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