Boyzone include gay love interest in latest video

The Boyzone reunion has been much more interesting that anyone could have imagined. Just a week ago the Irish boy band were involved in a bar room brawl and now they are set to make history by including a gay love interest in their latest video.

The video features each of the Irish popsters singing to a different model, but openly gay member Steven Gately decided to break with the traditional pop video format and asked for the producers to cast a male model for his part.

Speaking to the Beeb, Gately said: "For me, it's just me being me and I don't think there should be a real big issue about the whole thing anyway. I'm hoping this video will have a good, positive, all-round reaction."

Boyzone's new single is out at the start of December just in time to have a crack at the Christmas No. 1. But they stupidly forgot to add the sleigh bells at the end. Schoolboy error.

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