Brand new Coldplay song

Now that Coldplay have undoubtedly become one of the biggest bands on da planet – 50 millions record sold, and surely 50 millions people can’t have bad taste (hmmm - Ed)? So when they debut any new material it obviously deserves some attention.

It was the Apple conference in San Francisco yesterday and to help give the new range of iPods an added air of credibility Chris Martin rounded off Steve Jobs nattering with a 3 song mini set that included ‘Yellow’, ‘Viva La Vida’ (as used on the 2008 iPod telly advert) and new song ‘Wedding Bells’. Although the song is almost definitely the wettest ditty Mr Paltrow has ever shared with the world the best part of the performance by far was his comical and apt intro to the tune; ‘this is a new song called 'Coldplay 2.6' and it has a lot of new features, it features seven different kinds of chords and even a new one that our closest rivals have no idea about. This could be the only time you ever hear it. It could go terribly wrong but we'll see what happens.’

We wouldn’t say it went terribly, but if you want to see the one off, never to be heard ever again performance of ‘Wedding Bells’ then click below....once.

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