Brand new Killers single

The Killers played a sold out show at the Royal Albert Hall in London last year, and if you were there you would have noticed the diversity of the crowd. Instead of the gig-goers being made-up of 20-something indie kids it was packed to the famous rafters with everyone from teenagers to OAPs - showing that there isn’t a generation that doesn’t like The Killers.

Since their Hot Fuss debut, The Killers' singular attraction has been the ability to write solid guitar pop songs with anthemic choruses, perfect for drunken sing-a-longs. Once the Las Vegans were done and dusted with their 2008 album Day & Age they opted for a sabbatical, except for lead singer Brandon Flowers who went back into the recording studio to work on his debut solo album ‘Flamingo’.

Over the last week he’s been drip feeding fans via his website with what sounds like random musical parts, but last night he finally released the full version of his first single ‘Crossfire’. If you like The Killers ( and who doesn’t?) then you won’t be disappointed.

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