Brand sense want no nonsense

Poor old Britney. It seems that yet again, people are disputing whether or not the singer is in control of her senses or indeed in control over any small part of her estate.

Brand Sense Partners, the company managing the launch of Britney's scent claim that they are still awaiting the 35% commission that was agreed and laid out in contracts between Britney's father Jamie, the co-conservator of her estate, and the companies representatives themselves.

As Britney herself signed the contracts with the firm, Brand Sense Partners are demanding that the multi-billion dollar star appear in person at a forthcoming deposition to account for the missing amount personally, Music-News informs us.

'According to documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Britney was given notice to appear for a deposition on April 29 but couldn't make it, which sparked lawyers on both sides exchanging 'over a dozen emails and phone calls counsel in an attempt to cooperate and find a mutually agreeable date for the deposition.''

'Their documents state: 'Ms. Spears is competent to testify, and she is the key witness in this case. She has direct knowledge of the operative agreement at the heart of this dispute and has signed each of them.''

Oh baby baby, what is the singer supposed to do?

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