Breaking News! Cast Reform

Hey! Hasn’t the world really missed Scouse Britpopers Cast? Probably not, but anyway, their lead singer, a Mr John Power has confirmed the glorious news that he is getting the band back together.

With everyman and his guitar from every other 90’s band getting in on some reforming action for the love of their fans / the money [delete where applicable] it's clear to see Cast fancied some of the lovin’. Talking to the NME about the news, Power said: ‘I know it’s been nearly a decade but everything feels alright. I’m in a good place at the minute so I rang the lads each individually and told them I feel like going out again with the band.

He added: “For me to have rang the lads and for the lads to have come and sat in the same room as me is unbelievable because a few years ago I would have laughed. But now something musical is rising inside of me.'

Their one million selling debut album ‘All Change’ came out in 1995 and featured their 4 biggest tunes: ‘Fine Time’, ‘Alright’, ‘Sandstorm’ and ‘Walkaway’.

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