BREAKING NEWS: Liam Gallagher likes John Lennon

News just in! Liam Gallagher has said, ‘I like John Lennon’. British newspaper The Sunday Times, printed the claim (we think on Sunday) when the former Oasis singer was asked who or what his musical influences are.

In the not very sensational interview Liam says his love for The Beatles started when he was just eight years old - yes EIGHT years old, we can’t believe it either. He said he remembers watching a documentary on Lennon titled ‘Imagine’. ‘I was eight and I remember coming downstairs and seeing 'Imagine' on the telly, which was pretty haunting’.

He continued: ‘I like Lennon's voice. It's all about his voice, I don't care whether he was into peace, or into Yoko, I don't care how big his kn*b was or whether he had one ball or f**king three balls, I just like his voice.’

Rumours have now started that Oasis allegedly borrowed their sound and look from The Beatles.


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