BREAKING NEWS: The Beatles to reform

Imagine if The Beatles reformed? Just imagine. It would be like the greatest news story ever. Everyone who was anyone would want to be the first to get tickets to se them live. Forget Michael Jackson’s plan of a 50 date residency at the 02 Arena, The Beatles could play billions of non stop dates on top of non stop matinees. Sadly though, it ain’t ever gonna happen, for the sole reason that two of them are dead. Frustratingly though, if the fab four were still alive it looks like they would have reformed.

Sir Paul McCartney has told The Daily Mail that it was only a matter of time before The Beatles got back together: ‘it could have happened. We were asked to do reunion gigs shortly after we broke up. There wasn't any point. It was like, 'We've just split! I also had Wings so I was a bit busy doing other things. It wasn't really a good idea then, but I think if this much time had elapsed, I could easily see it happening. Somebody would have said, 'Oh go on. Just for a laugh'.

He added: ‘it could have been a charity thing. Or it could have been because we just met up and said, 'Let's do it'. You never know. But it's not to be, so sadly it's all just conjecture.’

Instead of this being the greatest news story ever, it’s become the worst news story ever GRRRR...

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