Brian May: ‘No? Was Freddie gay?’

Although Freddie Mercury was camper-than-a-campsite-called-Camp-David, Brian May didn’t know the he was gay until after Queen hit the big time.

Talking to the Daily Express, the legendary axe-man proclaimed; "I don't think even he was fully cognisant in the beginning. You're talking to someone who shared rooms with Fred on the first couple of tours, so I knew him pretty well. I knew a lot of his girlfriends and he certainly didn't have boyfriends in those days, that's for sure. I think there was a slight suspicion but it never occurred to me that he was gay.

He continued; "I remember Freddie being asked if he was gay in one of his early interviews and he said: 'Yes, darling, of course. I'm as gay as a daffodil'. It was a neat way of sidestepping the issue because actually, Freddie was no fool.I know that all through his life Fred didn't think that whether he was gay or not was important. He loved music, he love his work, and he didn't want anything to get in the way. Anyone who portrays Fred as purely a gay story is missing a lot of the point."

Mercury died in 1991 of AIDS.

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