Brian Mczzzzzz

Few things could produce a more resounding ‘meh’ from the Great British public than the announcement of a new release from former Westlife mime-artist Brian McFadden; surely there couldn’t be a single piece of news less likely to make everyone yawn mildly before turning back to the cup of tea they’d just made themselves? Why yes, it’s the news of Brian McFadden and his Real Doll wife Delta Goodrem releasing a duet.

The song is called ‘Mistakes’ and comes from the hilariously titled Wall Of Soundz (check out the street style ‘z’ there - BIG) that McFadden is releasing at some point or other. It’s obviously being posited as the one that people will listen to, as it opens the window on their relationship. Only problem, no-one cares. Really. No-one.

‘We love working together,’ said the male one. ‘The only question we had at the start was that the lyrics aren't love lyrics - they're almost half break-up lyrics. But we love creating, almost acting, and getting involved in the song, so it was actually a fun challenge for us.’ Great. It’ll still be as boring as a morning dump, mind you. With the same level of relief when it’s over.

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