Bring back capital punishment?

It's illegal but millions of people do it, causing one of life’s greatest unanswered questions; what do we do about illegal music file-sharing? Adding to the debate, Jamie Cullum has now confessed that he frequently steals music from the internet.

Talking to Digital Spy, the 3inch pianist says he fileshares even though he’s a little peeved that it’s affected sales of his latest album, The Pursuit.

‘I'm a music consumer of the highest order, and I spend an awful lot of my time looking for music, buying music, downloading music legally and illegally. I make no bones about it - if there's some Thom Yorke EP floating around and it's not out until next week, then I'll download it illegally.’

Climbing back out the hole he just dug, Jamie then added; ‘However, the following week I'll buy it because I want the artwork, and I want to see the notes and to find out where it was recorded and all the rest.’

‘I know the album has been illegally downloaded at least 60,000 times, which is as many as the record has actually sold. The problem is, we've gone too far. You can't start punishing people - you'd be punishing people like me, who spends thousands of pounds a year online, because I illegally downloaded something from a blog.’

Want your cake and eat it do you Jamie? Is that why you're engaged to a chef?

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