Brit Awards - Corden to host and Hirst to design statues

The Brit Awards are almost upon us again and the first wave of announcements has been released. James Corden will present the show on February 20 at London's O2 Arena, for the third consecutive year. The Gavin and Stacey star who has been gracing Broadway of late with his own unique style will equal Chris Evans’ record for compeering the ceremony for a fourth time overall.

This is despite the heavy controversy last year when he cut Adele’s victory speech short due to time limitations. Jeers and boos rang out throughout the crowd when the queen of British music was rudely interrupted. Adele was so frustrated by being cut off that she aimed a one-finger gesture to "the suits" who sent the orders down to Corden’s ear piece.

Equally controversially, Damien Hirst has been commissioned to design the statues for the winners. To some he is the edgy embodiment of British culture, British art and British cool. To others he is an out and out con artist who swaggered his way to millions spent by the super rich on the supremely superficial. He follows in the footsteps of Vivienne Westwood and 2012 designer, Sir Peter Blake. The bespoke statue is the iconic image behind the BRITs and the custom design year on year does give the ceremony a certain cachet. And if any of the winners does fall on hard times, they at least have a piece of Damien Hirst’s art to sell at wildly inflated prices.

Brits chairman David Joseph said: "We are delighted that Damien will become the third extraordinary creative Briton to reimagine the Brit statue. He is truly one of the most important British artists ever and his unique vision will make winning a 2013 Brit an even more special proposition.”

Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw will announce the nominations at The Savoy on January 10 in a live broadcast on ITV1.

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