Brit-he Spears

The other day Britney Spears premiered the video for her new singleTill The World Ends’, in which a load of people dance while waiting for the apocalypse. It’s a disappointing, stilted return from Britters, and that’s not all: if you look closely at the video, as many of her fans have been, you can see that at various points it’s not her performing: some have even suggested that she used a man as a dance double.

This isn’t the first time that Spears has been accused of faking it: she has had a knee problem for some time now that has hampered her ability to perform and it is thought that another dancer had been used for the Hold It Against Me video. Suffice to say her people are vehemently denying all accusations.

‘It's definitely not her, it's obviously a bloke,’said one fan to The Sun. ‘I can only think that she's done it because she can't dance the way that she used to. I don't think that she should use a body double like that.

‘I just happened to pause the video and I saw it. I was actually quite stunned - it doesn't look much like her.’

Why don’t you take a look at the video yourself and see if you can spot any more instances of cross-dressing dance replacements.

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