Britney doesn't make the grade on X factor

Britney Spears has left the X Factor after just one series as her less than inspiring charisma levels saw her bundled off the rapidly sinking show as Simon Cowell hunts for some new piece of celebrity driftwood to cling on to and save his own format. Apparently she jumped before she was pushed

To be honest her comeback from lunatic, shaven headed bag lady is still a mystery to most people, but for whatever reason the powers that be in the world of pop and merchandising still thought they could flog her brand for another few years. But prancing around in lingerie singing other people’s songs and confusing adolescent girls about the nature of feminine identity is one thing. Actually attempting to convey a personality of some description is entirely another.

You know things must be bad when you don’t even have enough personality to last in such a grossly manufactured piece of cultural flotsam. But with the show haemorrhaging viewers and plummeting down the ratings – it looks like she will be walking the plank.

A Fox spokesperson declined to comment.TMZ broke the news on Wednesday night, quoting "unimpeachable sources" as saying that while Spears loves the show, she's focused on recording her eighth studio album at the moment. "Britney loves Simon, she likes Demi Lovato but her thing is music," said one source.

Ah yes – we wouldn’t want her television commitments to interfere with her artistic integrity and tireless dedication to quality music now would we?

The news came shortly after Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly told the press how delighted he was with her.

"I thought it went very, very well," Reilly said on Tuesday. "It was fraught with unknowns, and I think Britney did a very good job. People are fascinated with her and always will be. Last year the ratings were a little bit higher, but I think it was a better show this year. I think she tucked in really nicely on the bench."

Ahem. Well she’s $15 million richer anyway.

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