Britney Spears sells out

Former pop star Britney Spears had to resort to some drastic measures to make sure that her London gigs were sold out – selling tickets for only two quid.

The organisers of the gig were so worried that the arena floor would be empty that they flogged tickets for the VIP standing area of the O2 Arena – which were priced at £100 – on theaudienceclub.com. Britney's face had been saved until some cheeky monkey leaked the news to The Sun.

'The shows on the weekend still had a number of unsold tickets by the end of last week,' said a source. 'Organisers were mystified as to why, but really did not want a bare arena floor. It could send out a message that the star's run in London hasn't been a complete success.

'So on Thursday they contacted a website who specialise in getting rid of last-minute tickets. They all went, but taking a £98 hit on each sale wasn't particularly pleasing for anyone concerned.' Doesn't sound like the best result, no.

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