Buffalo Springfield return

Supergroups are all utter utter rubbish, proof that the component parts of genius when stuck together doesn’t guarantee greatness. Yes, there are exceptions (The Traveling Wilburys) but they’re few and far between.

Another guanine multi-band success are the epitome of Californian sunshine Buffalo Springfield. Consisting of the talents Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay the folk group split in 1968 but to mark the anniversary of their first tour the trio are to reform for a series of special shows.

Talking about the reunion, Furay said; ‘Over the years, music never stopped flowing from each of us, and it's come 'full circle,' if you will. And now, we get to share our hearts with you again - yes, Buffalo Springfield again.’

The good news is that the tour kicks off in in Oakland in California on 1st June. The bad news is it doesn’t leave California after that.

Hear their protest classic 'For What It's Worth' below...


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