Burn it

Akon has revealed that he is considering burning the copies he has of the unfinished tracks he made with Michael Jackson before he passed away, so he respects his legacy.

The R&B singer is set to release his duet with The King of Pop – ‘Hold My hand’ – next week, and he said that while he is delighted to have that song out, he doesn’t want to finish any of the other tracks that they recorded together, because he doesn’t know whether MJ would be happy with the eventual finished product.

‘Me and Mike worked on a lot of concepts before he passed,' said the singer. ''Hold My Hand' was one of the records that was actually fully complete; the rest of the records are incomplete.

‘They're just ideas, concepts, harmonies and stuff like that which the world will probably never see because I wouldn't want to put it out unfinished - so I might just burn it after this interview, 'cos I might just get tempted to do a remix!

‘I know at the end of the day if it wasn't fully complete, I don't think he would see it released that way. I probably wouldn't ever put myself in a position to make that choice.’

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