Burning down the (court) house

It seems the Lord does not want Lil’ Wayne to go to prison. First he had his time in clink postponed because of urgent dental work, now the court house where he was due to be sentenced has caught fire. What next, God, a plague of gold-toothed locusts swarming the court, chewing the faces off the judge and any coppers in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Weezy is scheduled to face one year inside for a gun possession charge as of yesterday, but a fire in the boiler room of the court meant that the building had to be evacuated and closed for the day. However, it doesn’t make much difference, as he’ll only start his term today instead. Oh well.

‘I'm ready, I'm all smiles,’ said the hip hop behemoth, who claims he is looking forward to jail. ‘They can't break my strength. They can only lock me up physically. They can't lock up my mind. They can't lock up my heart. They can only take my time because the law allows them to. Time is precious, but love is life. So therefore in the end my love will prevail.’

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