Busted flush?

Just when you think reality TV can’t go any further down the road of tacky, pointless nonsense, the genre that just won’t die comes back with something even more ridiculous and a waste of every body’s time. This time it’s the resurrection of the last decade’s premier manufactured guitar boyband Busted, who have fallen on such hard times they clearly need to come back and remind everyone of just how hopeless they were in the first place.

However, ‘Beer’ Matt Willis and James Bourne need to replace Charlie Simpson, who has more dignity (and presumably money) than the other two, so they’ve turned to a TV contest to help save the band. But will they find the extra person they need to play at the arena show at the end of the programme’s run? What do you reckon, hmm?

‘Matt and James are determined to get the band back together but have realised there is no way to change Charlie's mind,’ said a source obviously looking to get someone, anyone interested. ‘So instead they are planning a reality TV show. It will be a documentary following them up and down the UK in their search for a third man.

‘The series will then climax with a live arena event, which fans will be able to buy tickets for. If the show sparks enough interest they'll take themselves out on a wider UK tour.’

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