Busted reunion? 'not in a million years' says Charlie Simpson

You remember Busted, right? Of course you do: how could anyone forget the chirpy pop bilge that the band pumped out for a couple of years? Track like, um, that one, and... eeer... the other one. Great times.

Anyway, Busted fans – and we're sure there are many – are set to be disappointed that a rumoured reunion isn't going to take place; or at least, not with guitarist Charlie Simpson. He says that he wouldn't be a part of it 'in a million years'. That's a shame isn't it? Instead, Simpson is promoting his new record 'Young Pilgrim' – released on 15 August, rock fans – by making public statements about the past, in which he was once famous. Nice work.

'I read that I was going to be part of a Busted reunion, but that won’t happen in a million years,' he said to the Daily Mail. 'The other two might do something, but I’m not involved. If you talk to any of my friends, they’ll tell you that Fightstar wasn’t an unusual move for me. The strange thing was that I was a member of Busted in the first place.

'That was something I fell into. One of my teachers found an advert for a band who were looking for a guitarist. I’d just turned 16 and wasn’t happy at school, so I decided to give it a go. It was poppier than the kind of stuff I was into, but I got to play guitar and do gigs. It wasn’t difficult to leave, as I knew I was doing the right thing. People were telling me that the best was yet to come for Busted. They even tried talking to my parents. But my family supported me all the way. They wanted me to be happy.'

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