By George! Say it isn’t so

George Lamb is widely considered to be one of the worst presenters ever to use the medium of radio to vex his rudeness on whoever is listening (if you haven’t already, you really need to hear him interview The Kinks legend Ray Davies – video below), but on the other hand he does have an army of fans (a small one to be fair), so maybe he does do something right.

For years he was one of the big names at BBC 6 Music but after various campaigns to bin him he recently decided it was time to move one. Well, he’s back and will soon be fronting a new Spotify only radio show titled the Starbucks Doubleshot Show, with the cheeky premise being that listeners choose a pair of songs relating to the same artist or album. The good news for some will be that the 30 minute show will only run for four weeks.

Now here’s that Ray Davies interview we promised...

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