By Jove!

The music industry has undoubtedly been hard hit thanks to illegal file sharing, but one area music has more than flourished in recent years is the touring circuit. Where once you could catch your favourite act whizz though the hits for little more than £15, to see acts like Take That or U2 these days, punters have to shell out for tickets priced 3-5 times that amount. KER-and-CHING!

Billboard have released details of who the biggest tour acts in the US were this year and more importantly how much they managed to pocket in the process. Top of the box office receipts for 2010 were Bon Jovi who raked in a whopping $146.5 million (£92.6 million) after playing 69 stadium-filled shows over the last 12 months.

Also rubbing their hands with glee were Lady Gaga, U2 and AC/DC who all each also managed to make more than $100m in the last year for simply singing ‘the hits’ again and again and again. Easy money!

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