Calling all hipppies!

Normally when a festival celebrates an anniversary they plead: *please come to our festival, it’ll be amazing, there’ll be the best bands ever playing and everything, pllleeeeeeaaaaaaaseeee*. Then when you fork out the £200 for the ticket and see the just announced line-up you rightfully feel a little hard done by. Hang on! Didn't these chumps play last year?

2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the Glastonbury Festival – the best festival in the world. Period. And their promise of making this year their best ever looks like a promise they’re more than up to keeping. The prestigious Pyramid stage headliners have already been confirmed as U2 (making their debut), Stevie Wonder (ditto) and Muse with lots more impressive acts in the coming months (Gorillaz, Kings Of Leon anyone?).

But if you didn’t gamble and purchase an early bird ticket then sadly you’ll have to enjoy the festivities courtesy of the BBC; all tickets have long been sold out. However, if you did nab one and are struggling to pay off the £185 face value then don’t panic. Thanks to the lovely wurzels down on Worthy Farm they have extended the deadline to pay off those tickets with the Feb 28th deadline now extended to Mar 2nd 11.59 GMT.

If it turns into another mudfest demand your money back.

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