Can we call ourselves No-asis?

Liam Gallagher has confirmed that two of his ex-Oasis bandmates will be returning to work with him to start his new band. Andy Bell and Gem Archer are recording new material, and Bell will be returning to the guitar. Not only that, but they’ve recruited an as-yet-unnamed new bass player to supply that groove-thang for them.

‘It's me, it's Gem, and it's Andy,’ Gallagher junior told Sky News. ‘We've got a new bass player, and he's mega. We've got the old drummer, Chris Sharrock. We've got the old keyboard player [Jay Darlington].

So it’s basically Oasis, without the songs, which should cheer up fans no end. The other thing they don’t have yet is a name, although presumably they’ll have one by the time the recording is finished.

‘We're sort of going through the mill about getting new names,’ he said. ‘Nothing's sticking.’ We'll see what happens when the record's done. We're concentrating on the music at the moment.’

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