Can we stop this now, please?

Blur reunion? Fine. Pulp's comeback? Can't wait. But Britpop was a movement consisting of a handful of great bands and a 'long tail' of mediocre ones. And if the mediocre ones have started reforming too, we think it's time to just nip this thing in the bud, no?

The latest offenders? Cast. The chirpy Liverpudlians were fronted, of course, by ex-La John Power, meaning they were a revivalist act even first time round. Reformed, it's a bit ridiculous - the new version of the comeback project of a member of a band which revived the sound of the 60s.

The 'Sandstorm' jangle-rockers played a comeback gig last night at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of their debut album 'All Change.' Yeah, well, fair enough. Another gig in Liverpool is set for next month, which seems fair enough. But how about, after that, maybe calling it a day, eh, boys? We don't want to wake up and find Shed Seven have reformed. Oh no - too late....

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