Can't nail the moves: Wacko postpones tour

Anyone who who sat on permananent redial for days, forked out a lot of cash and then got very excited about seeing Michael Jackson at his O2 comeback gigs is going to be pretty miffed: the King Of Pop's gigs have been delayed for a whopping 8 months in order to rehearse more.

At 50 years old, it seems Wacko is having trouble nailing the moves, despite bringing in world renowned choreographer Kenny Ortega to help him deliver the goods. As if being rusty on the dancefloor wasn't bad enough, Jacko has also reportedly started a skin shaving op for skin cancer after a number of potentially dangerous growths were found on his skin.

Despite his poor health, show organisers insist this is not the reason for postponing the dates. “The date change has nothing to do with his health. The truth is the show has grown in scope and complexity and size,” said concert promoter Randy Phillips, hinting that the whole thing might just have been a badly organised mess from the off. (Gasp.)

The opening concert, originally scheduled for July 8th will now take place on July 13th, with further gigs pencilled in for the 10th, 12th and 14th July put back until March. Fans have been offered a full refund, but for those who had booked flights and/or accomodation especially for the event, that's unlikely to be enough. Did you buy a ticket? Are you rapidly losing interest?

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