Capital FM keeps up boycott of One Direction

Hell hath no fury like a radio station scorned it seems. Capital FM Radio and the affiliated Heart stations are maintaining a boycott on One Direction’s music in a continued sulk over the boy band’s gaffe at the Brit Awards.

In the excitement of picking up the Best Single award for What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction thanked the commercial station’s main rival Radio One, rather than the listeners of Capital FM who had actually voted for the award. Oops.

One Direction issued a gracious statement apologising for the error, but the radio station boss Ashley Tabor was in no mood to be placated, issuing a ban on any One Direction tunes appearing on the stations’ playlists.

Music Week reports that, in the two months between February 22 and April 18, Capital FM and Heart played no One Direction music. Which, given that the boys are obviously pretty popular with Capital FM listeners, seems a bit harsh.

It also seems like a bit of a self-destructive step by Capital, who probably need One Direction rather more than the group needs them. If One Direction had any sense of mischief they might even consider recording a cover version of The Clash’s scathing 1977 putdown Capital Radio as a suitable response.

In the meantime One Direction are still facing a rather more serious obstacle to the smooth progression of their career, with the prospect of expensive litigation looming, in order to protect their right to use the name One Direction in the USA.

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