Cara Delevingne to launch pop and acting career

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The model Cara Delevingne, who has rocketed to fame recently, is apparently all set to launch a musical career. The ubiquitous Miss Delevigne has apparently been in negotiations with senior executives at major record labels and could be close to signing a recording.

The 20 year old Burberry model hasn’t sat idly by since her elevation to the spotlight last year and seems determined to take her career multimedia, with acting roles as well as a foray into pop on the cards.

A source close to her told the Sunday People: “Cara loves singing.

“When she was younger she would sit at home and mess about but recently she has started to take it more seriously.

“She loves music, she loves festivals and she loves singing. Now, she wants to add it to her CV and actually get herself a pop career.

“She is a very busy girl at the moment, with a couple of movies lined up as well as her modelling. Now it looks like things will be kicking off for her musically next year.”

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Svengali Simon Fuller had apparently been keen to sign her up before the Storm modelling agency got in there first, and with his history of manufactured success, she may go far. However if he does manage to sign her now, one thing is for sure – her price will have gone up.

It would be easy to be deeply cynical of this latest news on the ‘new Kate Moss’ and view it as yet another painful example of style over substance, but the one bright spark on the horizon is that she is at least writing her own music. Whether it’s any good or not remains to be seen, but at least she’s trying to approach it from a creative perspective.

Cara, who has also signed with the Hollywood agency, William Morris, has also reportedly signed up for the forthcoming film – ‘The Face of an Angel’ based on the murder trial of Amanda Knox in Italy.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cara Delevingne

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