Carl Barat breaks hearts

Get set to be disappointed, Libertines fans: Carl Barat has announced that the rumours suggesting the band were due to reunite at this year’s Glastonbury were false. Sorry.

The band got back together for last summer’s Reading and Leeds festivals, and since then the grapevine has been rife with talk that the group would put on a repeat performance at Glasto this year. However, Barat has broken the hearts of a million boat shoe wearing pseuds with his announce.

‘Getting back together at Reading and Leeds was more than I could ever imagine and made me understand and realise what an impact the band had on a generation,’ he told The Sun. ‘In time I would be keen to do it again but Pete Doherty and I are busy doing other things.

‘It's definitely not over between us, we're just waiting for the right time. The next thing will be something special.’

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