Caro Emerald goes Dutch in the UK charts

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The list of Dutch pop stars who have made an impact on the UK charts is small and select . . . wait, who are we kidding, we can’t think of any, at least until the jazz-pop vocalist Caro Emerald came on the scene. She is already shaping to be the most successful Dutch singer of all time.

Those who don’t listen overmuch to Radio 2 may still be unfamiliar with the work of Caro, full name Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw, but she is well on the way to shipping half a million copies of her debut album Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor in the UK (back in her native Netherlands, it seems that every single Dutch person owns a copy). Radio 2 can’t get enough of her, A-listing all her singles and all the album tracks.

The album has just re-entered the charts at number 13, propelled there by interest in her forthcoming follow-up The Shocking Miss Emerald and its preview single, 'Tangled Up'. She recently sold out the Albert Hall and there will be considerable demand for tickets for a September UK tour.

Emerald’s blend of sassy jazz-pop seems to fill the niche left by Amy Winehouse, although Emerald does not seem to share any of the late Winehouse’s "lifestyle issues", and Winehouse aficionados might bridle at the comparison with the relentlessly mainstream Emerald. Despite the album title there is little to shock about the radio-friendly Miss Emerald.

The new album also seems to have borrowed a few style tips from Lana Del Rey. Where Del Rey looks towards the golden age of Hollywood, Emerald is more fascinated by French rive gauche bohemia. The video for the single is shot in sepia tones in a Parisian café, looking for some classy artiness to go with the catchy tango pop tune.

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