Cashing in on singer’s childhood home

The family home where ‘Ring of Fire’ singer Johnny Cash grew up in Dyess, Arkansas is set to become a museum dedicated to the star. Cash’s childhood home has been bought by the State University and will be transformed into a visitor attraction using money raised by The Johnny Cash Music Festival on August 4th.

The line up for the festival has not yet been finalised but music-news.com has reported that performers will include George Jones and Kris Kristofferson and a whole host of Cash family members- his eldest daughter Rosanne, brother Tommy and son John Carter Cash with his wife Laura.

Reflecting on the recent developments concerning his father’s legacy, John Carter Cash said: 'What a blessing this festival will be. I look forward to being a part of the show. I see the restoration at Dyess, as being a museum of the American spirit. People recognise the authenticity of Daddy's music, and it touched their hearts.’

Cash’s daughter Roseanne added ‘Now everyone can go to Dyess and touch the house he grew up in. They can see how far he came to get to where he was.’

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