Cashing in on the Hendrix Experience

New footage of legendary axeman Jimi Hendrix is to be released on DVD, which according to his sister Janie will be the candid sort of stuff that you might see on reality TV. Presumably not him in a makeshift diary room confessing to an off camera higher being though – that would be weird.

Back in 1969 a camera crew followed him around for a month, and later on this year the Hendrix estate will be releasing the footage with the help of Universal, who now represent the estate outside of the US.

On top of that, Janie says she has 10 years of previously unreleased music form her brother, and that she's 'currently in the studio transferring tapes of Band of Gypsys performances that have never been released before.' And the tills will be a ringing from this cash corpse for a time yet; Universal are planning on releasing two new albums and a DVD of Jimi Hendrix Experience's 1969 Royal Albert Hall gig.

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