Change of heart

Liam Gallagher is trying to bury the hatchet with his brother Noel, insisting they will ‘be sweet’ again one day, after their brotherly bust-up.

After Oasis split in 2009 following a row backstage at a gig in Paris, Liam has waged a war of words with Noel in the press.

Earlier this month he accused his brother of stealing material from Oasis for his solo project.

Liam said: ‘I haven't spoken to him, I haven't seen him... I've heard his f**cking new record 'cos I f**king sung on half of it... It's not better and it won't get any f**king better...’

But the singer, who releases material next month with new group Beady Eye, insists that Noel will find success as a solo artist and that they will one day let bygones be bygones.

In an interview with Q magazine, he says: ‘Listen, me and him will be sweet, man. Our little venture's come to an end but I'll never have a bad word about Oasis, it was f**kin' amazing. It's why I'm adored by millions. But it's over and we're buzzin'. And I hope our kid's (my brother's) buzzin'. I f**kin' do actually. I hope he's gonna make great records. And he probably will.’

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