Channel 4 man slams PJ Harvey

The culture editor for Channel 4, Matthew Cain, has slammed the Mercury Prize panel for awarding PJ Harvey their gong, saying that it was like indie kids trying to out-cool each other.

Harvey took the prize for 'Let England Shake'; it was the second time she'd been given the prize, this time for an album that up to that point had only sold 70,000 copies. Cain wasn't very happy at how the award was given to had sold so little, saying it was evidence that she didn't connect with the public. Why did Adele not win? he wailed.

'Some of these Mercury nominees are hilariously obscure,' he said before the awards. 'To think they once nominated Spice Girls and early Take That! I think judges try to out-cool each other by coming up with increasingly unknown + alternative acts. My votes are for Elbow + Adele!

'PJ Harvey wins Mercury for obscure album no-one liked or bought - how predictable! What's wrong with music connecting with lots of people?

To clarify, I didn't say Polly Harvey is obscure, I said her ALBUM is. Don't think it's her best I'm afraid... And 70,000 sales in country of 60m is nothing. I just don't think artist like Adele should be penalised for connecting with mass market.

'But I have nothing against Polly Harvey, I object to Mercury judges + their obsession with cool! They're like indie kids at school who raved about bands until they got in the charts when they'd ditch them for having sold out. So boring!'

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