Charting the Progress

What a bunch of winners those Take That boys are. Now the group’s new album, Progress –you know, the one with the evolution of man cover-shot – retains its vice-like grip on the album top spot for the third consecutive week. ‘

The record is the British band's first one since reuniting with original member Robbie Williams earlier this year. The continued success shows the band’s tactic of milking the publicity of Williams’s return was a correct one. After the album shot to number one last month, it shows no sign of budging.

Meanwhile, singer Olly Murs came in at number two with his self-titled debut and boy band JLS were third with their LP, Outta This World.

In the singles chart, Simon Cowell was popping the champagne corks after The X Factor scored another week on top with a charity cover of Heroes by Dave Bowie.

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