Chat Roulette Piano Man

It’s only been on YouTube less than a week and it's already clocked up a mega 2.1 million views. Well prepare for a barrage of fresh clicks: it's rumoured that the Chat Roulette Piano Man video is none other than indie ivory tinkler Ben Folds.

If you don’t know what Chatroulette is, in short it’s a time wasting website where people can video chat with strangers. If they (or you) are boring then you hit ‘next’ and move on to the next person. As you can imagine, the majority of users are on the receiving end of a late night pervert getting a cheap kick, but every now and again you get a piece of internet magic: enter the Piano Man. The Piano Man takes the inane chatter from victims and turns it into a spot of improv piano.

The Piano Man’s improv is at times so good people suspect it’s a pro such as Ben Folds. Watch the video here to make your mind up.

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