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With the biggest school-based drama in America becoming a resounding success internationally, Glee is hitting the world's stages! With cities such as London and Manchester on the tour, tickets are quickly selling out.

Glee Live! In Concert! is a concert tour performed by members of the cast of the popular television series, Glee. The tour was designed due to the overwhelming response to the series, and a growing demand to see the cast in action live, after their talents came into question due to the use of autotune throughout the show. The show reached North America, London and Manchester and Dublin, Ireland.

Murphy states the series' soundtrack and concerts were an additional revenue stream for the series. The tour received a great response from both music critics and fans of the series. The first North American leg of the tour in 2010 was seen by over 70,000 spectators, generating over five million dollars in ticket sales—ranking ninth on the Billboard Hot Tours list in America, a feat not often accomplished, especially by a TV series documenting high school and depicting modern teenage livesl.

Characters include Rachel Berry and Kurt, roles that show producers specially and specifically had scripted for the actors and actresses themselves. The series depicts a group of high school misfits and outcasts brought together by their mutual love of music and they channel all their energy into the shows that they perform. The show also shows personal sides and problems that make the show easy to relate to.

With the show hitting you city or a city near you, it'd be a crime to miss out on a fantastic show full of talent and spectacular storylines.

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