Cheap Glee Tickets for UK Shows

Since Glee hit our television screens in 2009 it has taken the world by storm. Featuring a clever combination of drama and musical performance, this winning formula has now been converted into a stage show which is coming to Britain in June 2011. There are a number of cheap Glee tickets for these UK shows currently available, although this popular event is sure to sell out fast.

Fans of Glee love the musical numbers featured in every programme, as is very clear from the album sales and iTunes downloads stemming from each episode. While the cast and the script are engaging in their own rights, it is the excellent covers of Broadway hits and classic pop songs that sets this show apart. Therefore it is a very natural step for the producers to create their own stage show, where fans of the series get to see their favourite cast members performing live in concert. Luckily for British fans there are cheap Glee tickets for the UK concerts on sale right now, meaning everyone has a chance to experience this unique live event.

The cast of Glee will be performing live at two venues in the UK - the MEN arena in Manchester and the O2 in London. In total the Glee Live UK tour will be composed of 9 concerts, two of which will be in Manchester while the remaining events will take place in the O2.

The tour kicks off in Manchester on the 22nd of June, followed by a second show at the same venue on the 23rd. The production then moves to London, where the remaining seven shows will take place between the 25th and 30th of June. Ticket prices range between £45 and £55 and further information is available at ticketmaster.co.uk/Glee-tickets/artist/1035819.

These prices are quite reasonable and fans are advised to get their cheap Glee tickets for the UK shows immediately, before they sell out.

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