Want to celebrate Michael Jackson's songs? Cheapest thriller tickets available!

He was the one and only legend who made us dance on our feet and melt us down with his heart breaking songs. He could put you in the mood of happiness or make you realise what mistakes you have made in life and how to rectify them. He was questioned, ambiguous and loved by many, the one and only Michael Jackson. His legendary video “Thriller” was a hit and has still been a hit throughout these many years, mesmerizing us with his out of the world capabilities.

The Jackson Five were responsible for some of the catchiest pop tunes of the 70’s including; ABC, Rock N Robin, Want You Back and Can You Feel It. With the cheapest Thriller tickets you will get to see a crack team of talented young musicians perform the classic hits from that era.

This musical peformance “Thriller” has been dedicated to the king of Pop. This is an award winning show performed at the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury and Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith with professional choreography and slick musical dance routines that would have made Michael Jackson proud that he had inspired so many people. So if you want to hear many of Michael Jacksons amazing songs from Billie Jean to the romantic Rock With You, as well as the fantastic Beat It, then come along and buy your cheapest thriller tickets. Thriller Live offers high energy and a very visual show with the combination of talented people of highly skilled dancers and singers who shine in versatility, from the break dancing of the Street to Disco. Of course no Michael Jackson show would be complete without the moonwalk, so thankfully there are plenty of Michael Jackson moves that will stun you, as the dancer’s show how they can perform so naturally yet impressively!

Tickets are as cheap as £10! To buy tickets go onto tickets.mirror.co.uk and type in Thriller in the search box and many cheap ticket options will appear for you with various seating places, the start date is from 26th May to 24th September 2011 to watch one of the most amazing live Thriller performances with the cheapest Thriller tickets!


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