Cheat it

The sad exploitation of Michael Jackson’s death continues apace, it seems. Jacko’s latest posthumous record ‘Michael’ is due for release next month, and it looks like the album could be chock full of fake recordings from an MJ impersonator. Sad.

Italian-born Ricky Galliano, who makes a living mimicking the dead King of Pop, said that he was paid €2,000 a time for his vocals on 21 tracks, each recorded at secret sessions in Switzerland. ‘They were most insistent that I make my voice sound as much like Michael's as possible,’ said Galliano, 27. ‘To mimic him exactly.’

Sony have repeatedly claimed that they have made completely sure that the tracks were recorded by Jacko himself, but Randy Jackson, Michael’s youngest brother, is convinced that at least some of the songs were recorded by someone else: ‘I heard the music and immediately said it wasn't his voice,’ he said. ‘Some of the songs are him and some aren't. I would bet my life on that.’ Are there no depths to which the music industry won’t sink?

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