Cheeky Girl cautioned

Cheeky Girl, Garbriela Irimia, was issued with a police caution last week after she was caught stealing from a Sainsbury’s store in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

The Telegraph reported that shocked staff alerted the police when they noticed that the 26-year-old had left the store with over £40 worth of unpaid for groceries and beauty products. Sources close to the Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) singer have claimed that '[she] did not intend to steal anything and that she had just stepped outside as she was feeling ill while standing in the queue'. Margereta Irimia, mother of the chart-topping twin sisters, has offered an alternative explanation - claiming that her daughter was preparing for a film role.

Following in Winona Ryder’s footsteps who was caught shoplifting $5000 worth of designer goods from a Sak’s Avenue department store in 2001, the Cheeky Girls’ mum has explained that her daughter was preparing for the role of a gangster’s wife in an upcoming project of reformed criminal Jason Cook.

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