Cher rage

Unless you've been hiding in a cave, you'll know that Sundays' X Factor result show was rather controversial. After Katie Waissel and TreyC were in the bottom two, Cheryl 'refused to vote', invoking a just-that-minute-made-up 'rule' that meant it was done on a majority vote - leaving Treyc evicted and retaining Katie Waissel, who everyone assumes had the fewest votes as usual.

This has added fuel to the theory that the X Factor this year is a massive Katie-plugging fix, rumours not quelled when it turned out Katie has been on several 'make me a star' TV shows and has released actual albums in America.

But the real, burning question, which no-one has until now bothered to ask, is: what does mad teenage rude girl Cher Lloyd think of all this?

Not much, it turns out. As the HeatWorld blog pointed out today, young Cher nipped off from the Xtra Factor group interviews before they'd finished. Apparently she was just as furious about the result as, well, everyone else. 'When the acts rushed on stage to hug Katie, Cher walked straight by her stony faced and refused to even acknowledge her,' a source says. 'Cher stood away from the group and wandered about the back of the stage with a face like thunder. She then made a ‘crazy’ hand gesture to her friends and family in the crowd. She was definitely not happy.'

She's never seemed happy to us, but nevertheless, it can't be fun being Katie right now...

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